Nellie"s Needles

Monday, January 16, 2006

Burning Tree

YEAH! YIPPEE! One of the six pieces I had left with Good Good's Gallery in Saugatuck, Michigan has sold. That was a very nice bit of news to come back to after being away for a month.

"Burning Tree" - 11"x13" - 2005 - $260

The trunk of the tree "happened" in the process of cleaning up a painted cloth project. Most all the colors got there in the same way. I kept my eye on that corner of this particular clean-up rag while I was wiping up excess paint from my palette and cleaning my brushes. I never waste pigment.

Above is how it looked after the stitching was complete and before I added more black paint to fill out the tree shape and oil pastels to augment the colors. Below is a detail shot to show the textures of the fabric, stitching, and pastels.

I started out just intriqued with the way the paints "accidentally" found their places on the fabric. Then I marveled at the changes while I "crinkle" quilted it. In the process of stitching, I began to see the tree trunk and branches ... and leaves of red, orange, and yellow ... and a bright blue sky ... and I could almost feel the wind.