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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Interpret This" October Reveals Begin

Saratoga Spring Fountain
13"x 17"
fabric, wool roving, yarns,
tulle netting, oil stick pastels

My interpretation of Judith's chosen photo for the "Interpret This" blog is the second one to be revealed today.
Go here to see more detailed photos and process details for this piece as well as to see Barbara's, which was the first reveal posted this morning. There will be reveals by the blog members each day through the 30th.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cow Tipping

When our friend, Alicia, came for her annual holiday at the beach during August she did a lot of tipping of this paper mache cow sculpture while giving it a new coat of many colors and patterns.
I had given Alicia several pieces of scrap muslin for cleaning brushes and wiping up paint.  Those treasured paint rags hanging to dry on the clothesline will find places in my future creations.

We got the idea for this project while Lee and I were visiting her in Milwaukee.  She had taken us to see a painted cow at an upscale art/craft shop.  We were tempted to buy that very expensive piece until we recalled that we already had a very nice, but rather plain spotted cow sculpture at the cottage.  Our thanks to Alicia for volunteering her talent to turn our cow into a "funky art" piece.
We are greatly pleased ... and hope she's looking forward to painting this cow's calf next summer.

Monday, October 18, 2010

ArtPrize - Making Music

There were a number of ArtPrize entries that featured music.  This one, "Accord", by Bree Gomez exhibited outside at the Grand Rapids Art Museum was voted into the Top 25.
The description written for ArtPrize is:
Accord is a dynamic and engaging sculpture comprised of strands of light that are interwoven within a metal structure. Upon investigation, a sonar beam emitted from within the sculpture captures movement and converts it into recognizable tunes such as the violin and flute. The lights (strings) then respond to the sound generated by movement. By utilizing the captivating medium of sound, light and metal, Accord provokes interaction and dialogue.

The sound component of Accord enables those with limited mobility an opportunity to communicate using sound.
Here are young viewers interacting with it to make their own music complete with a light show ...

Another sound sculpture was "The Benchmark Experience" exhibited along the river front at DeVos Place by Scott Naylor.  It was voted to be among the Top 75.
There was "soft" rock'n roll music piped from the speakers above each molded chaise seat which housed the woofers so you could feel the beat.  For me and Lee it was a welcome respite to get off our feet and to enjoy a "moment alone".
It, too, lit up at night ...
My favorite making music ArtPrize entry was "Street Pianos ... Play Me, I'm Yours" by Luke Jerram.  It, too, was voted into the Top 25.
Play Me, I'm Yours has reached almost three quarters of a million people in cities stretching from London to Sydney. Sites are found where there is an existing hidden community or where we feel a piano may be values (park, bus stop, bridge, etc.) Each piano has a local custodian - someone who works in a shop or opub next door. It is an unpaid job, keeping any eye on the piano, covering it if raining, and reporting major problems or issues that arise. Pianos are placed to target specific parts of the Art Prize perimeter, reaching different sections of society. The pianos can be played by anyone, anytime or used for concerts, lessons, sing-alongs, street parties, charity events, music videos - whatever! A Street Piano website accompanies the project and documents everyone's creativity and contains films, photos and comments posted by the public, connecting communities and also providing maps of piano locations. Pianos are donated to a good home after the completion of Art Prize.
There was lots of participation ...
Colleen Kole and I enjoyed this fellow's street corner concert.
Lee surprised me with a rendition of "Chop Sticks" on this one placed outside of DeVos Place.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

ArtPrize ... One of My Favorite Entries

A most intriguing ArtPrize entry was this small livable dwelling constructed with salvaged materials.

Here's the artist's information:
Brent Ahmicasaube embraces his Native culture by creating functional art using salvaged materials. His father,an artist, taught Brent the trade of skilled carpentry while beautifying several 'fixer uppers' in his youth. Brent studied Fine Art at Michigan State University and Lansing Community College. For almost a decade Brent has been restoring historical homes and commercial buildings (Heritage Craftsmen). He currently lives in Grand Rapids with his wife and son in the home he restored and renovated (containing salvaged pieces of over 100 homes).
And more pictures of this house exhibited at the Douglas J. Aveda Institute in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Note the bowed out wall on the sides.
How about those hand rails? and risers?

 It's a 500 square foot one-room charmer with a sleeping loft. 
I could see it as a backyard studio ... or a wonderful guest house.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Interpret This - October Teaser

It's time to be doing more than just thinking about what I'm going to do with this month's challenge photo submitted by Judith for our online "Interpret This" group.

I'm still thinking about this one.  However, cropping will very much be a part of it ...

... and not necessarily what I've pictured here.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ArtPrize ... and the Fun Is Over

This year 1,715 artists from 21 countries exhibited.  450,000 votes by 31,014 registered voters were cast over a two week period.  I'm pleased that my entry, "The Lake", exhibited at DeVos Place got a lot of them to be ranked among the top 75 vote getter's.

Here are three YouTube videos taken by SteveKaterberg that present an overview of what ArtPrize was all about.  I especially like the bits of conversation by the viewers he included.  Enjoy!