Nellie"s Needles

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monroe Sews

Six-year old great-nephew, Monroe, visited the cottage with his family in mid-August. Two summers ago he was intrigued with my sewing machines. Back then I had let him push the button to cut the threads and lift the needle at the end of seams and had told him he could sew something the next time he came.  Over a period of several days  this summer I had the fun of guiding Monroe in a sewing adventure that took place during afternoon quiet times. We began with this box of fabrics reserved for kid projects.
Monroe spent the first afternoon sorting through them to pick out his favorites to make a quilt for his teddy bear. He only needed twelve, but couldn't let go of a thirteenth piece.

I cut his choices into squares while he went to the beach. The next day he arranged them for the quilt top and we decided a pillow could be made from the extra one.

In the picture above Monroe is getting two blocks ready to sew together. I set up my 50 year old Pfaff ... a good solid machine with basic features that are easy to comprehend, plus a slow speed that is easier to control than my newer machines. He quickly learned how to operate it. Over the next couple of afternoons he stitched all the squares together as well as the quilting lines across the the squares. He also sewed and stuffed the pillow.

Monroe asked if his creation could be a sleeping bag rather than a quilt. Here's the front ... complete with the stuffed pillow that stays in place with velcro ...
 and the back ...
Of course we had to see how the bear liked his sleeping bag outside.