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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June Challenge for "Interpret This"

On The Forest Floor - 17" x 13"

Where this beautiful blue butterfly was photographed by Karen was the  first and strongest thought in my mind, for I have walked in  a few of the Forest Preserves that thread through the suburb's  of Chicago. That initial thought wouldn't leave my head so I took on the challenge of portraying the forest floor.

I've posted about the "groundwork" that began with the green scraps I set aside while digging through my bags for pieces to make waves on my BIG lake quilt.
 Click here to go to the "Interpret This" blog to read the rest of my story.  Be sure to check out the other interpretations of this same photo.  Six have been posted prior to mine and there will be another this afternoon and two more tomorrow.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gifting Back

Yesterday I took a break from "The Lake" to create a gift for a friend.

"Laura's Lake" - 14" x 11"

This piece honors my friend Laura who died in February of this year.  Laura's 88 summers were spent on the beach of Lake Michigan here in Macatawa.  The colors and light reflected on this lake and beach is symbolic of her full and gracious life.
Laura was an accomplished needlework woman.  Near the end of last summer I was gifted a box of her threads and yarns.
It pleased both of them to know that bits and pieces were incorporated into "Prairie Performance".  I wrote about that here.  Her husband was touched to get back some of those yarns and threads in "Laura's Lake".

Monday, June 21, 2010

About Me

Finally, I've written a separate Page that chronicles the journey from when I first picked up a needle back in the early 1950's to "where I am" now.

It's titled "Here I Am" and is linked to in my sidebar under the section for "Pages" or here.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

June "IT" Groundwork

I've laid the groundwork for my interpretation of this month's photo for the Interpret This group's challenge.

It began with setting aside scraps of green fabric while digging for blue ones to make waves.  Speaking of blue, how about that butterfly in this photo taken by Karen of Threadstory.

Now I'm excited about adding the next layers to finish in time for my reveal on June 29th.  Click on the IT link at the top of this post to see the other members teasers for this challenge.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Making Waves

I'm here ...

making waves ...
As you can see, that's not making waves in the lake ... nor making trouble, but waves for "The Lake" textile installation that is entered in the ArtPrize exhibition which takes place in Grand Rapids, Michigan this coming September.

Here at the cottage the little ones get to make waves in a bucket bath to wash away the beach sand.

Before we left Tennessee each of our metal birds constructed from garden tools got a bucket bath before roosting in our bedroom for the summer.
You may also notice that the robin's tree got pruned now that the nest is empty.

Speaking of metal objects, I love the vases ordered from Paula Art.  She made them from construction steel supports.
They are perfect for our outside tables.  These won't blow over with a gust of wind off the lake as has happened several times with glass vases.  Also, they are a great size to scatter bouquets among the serving dishes on our rather narrow picnic tables
... and low enough to see over.  My just-turned-nine year-old granddaughter had set the table for her birthday dinner.

Summer has begun ... and I must keep busy making waves ... lots of waves.