Nellie"s Needles

Thursday, September 29, 2005


Yeah! My crinkle quilts have found a gallery. Good Goods is located in Saugatuck, Michigan. It's Lee's and my favorite shop and gallery in this part of the country. Check out their website and you'll see why. There are sculptures and many art pieces here at our cottage and our condo in Tennessee that come from place filled with wonderful art and objects.

Here are the two pieces that are in the gallery:

"Faceted Spectrum" - 34"x34"
Mixed Medium - fiber, paint, oil pastels

The foundation is patchwork pieced with a nod to the traditional "log cabin" quilt pattern.

"Wild By Design" - 21"x 23"
Mixed Medium - fiber, paint, oil pastels

The foundation is patchwork squares of commercial and hand-painted fabrics.

"Crinkle quilting" is a technique I developed. It involves setting wrinkles into the surface fabric. This wrinkled fabric is layered with batting and a flat backing fabric. Hand-quilting between the wrinkles with two-ply strands of cotton floss creates the "crinkled" texture. The threads that frame the piece are the beginning and ends of my stitching lines. Paint and pastels are applied to emphasis, mask, or accent elements within the compostion. An acrylic matt medium is applied as a finish to protect the quilted surface.


Anonymous said...
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Peter Durand said...

Great work. Very proud of you!

Jackieblue said...

WAY TO GO NELLIE! That is so great! I'm happy to hear that artist are being paid for their work and recognized! Beautiful pieces!