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Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm Back

Finally, I'm back online. My server connection went haywire and then my friend from Milwaukee came for an extended visit. Our time together is intensely busy and I just couldn't face dealing with server problems while she was here.

When I'm with my friend, Alicia, we always come up with ideas that end up as major projects. Usually we work on the same type of creation. I'll feature some of our parallel projects in future postings.

This year she desired to make a kimono wall hanging for her living room. Here it is layed out for the collage technique that I use (tulle netting placed over loose pieces - the quilting holds everything in place).

Most of the fabrics are silk remnants. The small squares are small silk fabric samples that were cut even smaller.

Here it is finished. I contributed the free motion quilting. Otherwise, it's all her doing.

"Oriental Robe" - 22"x28" by Alicia Mullins - 2006

Alicia is full of wonderful ideas,but lacks the facilities, materials and "know how" to execute them. I'm most pleased to share my studio, stash of supplies, and knowledge to help her make them real. I miss having this exquisite piece hanging on my design wall.


dot said...

I really like this. What a clever idea and wonderful execution of the project. Thanks for sharing.

Sharon said...

How beautiful! And how beautiful a friend to share your space and fabric and know how with her "mind" to create! Lovely!

Lillian said...

LOVED Alicia's kimono piece. Awesome! Loved looking at your whole blog thing, too

Tonya R said...

Do you fuse the pieces or glue them a bit before layering the tulle over the top? You are a generous friend.

No, I haven't seen the technique you described with wrapping a thread around the quilting. Do you have a close-up example? Would love to see.

Finn said...

Hi Nellie, I've been stopping by each day, hoping you would return..*VBS* So glad it wasn't a life crisis that keep you away..*S8

How wonderful to have a friend to share creating the outcome !!