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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Joyful Noise

The title for this piece comes from one of my favorite cd's, "Joyful Noise", by my favorite quitar player, Bill Mize. Click on his name to get to his home page and you can even hear a clip of that particular song. Much of my work is influenced by music. I listen to NPR classical and jazz music as well as to cd's in my studios.

"Joyful Noise" - 14"x17" - 2006
This is a whole cloth piece. It began as a clean up cloth for another fabric painted project. I reuse my clean up pieces of fabric until they have interesting patterns of paint. Then they go into my stash of fabrics. That is unless I'm so intriqued with them that they immediately inspire me to make them into something RIGHT NOW. As had happened with this piece as well as with the center piece of "Into the Light" the background for "Doors", and the whole of "Burning Tree".

Even though I had very much liked the original serendipitous pattern of paint, "Joyful Noise" demanded that I add up swinging arcs of many colors to it. I used paint, oil stick pastels, fabric markers, and crayons. Of course, I was listening to Bill Mize's "Joyful Noise" while doing it. The aura of threads around the outside just had to continue those "smile" lines, too.

The black fabric mat was painted. I pounced the square end of a make up sponge to the beat of music as well. The striped border fabric just happened to be part of my stash. I couldn't have found any more perfect if I had gone shopping for it.

This piece is in the gallery at Good Goods in Saugatuck, Michigan. It is the last "crinkle quilt" that I have mounted in a frame. Next posting I'll describe my new way of presenting them.

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Karen said...

it looks joyful! rarely have I seen a more perfect border print for a piece! stunning!