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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Durand Family Sculpture

I am most impressed with our collaborative piece of art. Yeah, for all of us! This was a family project during our reunion last July.
It began as just pieces. I had found a box (turned out it was a drawer) of turned pieces, wooden screws, and finials at a yardsale. I knew something wonderful could be made from these assorted interesting pieces. Sorry there are no pictures of the actual painting. Everyone was either busy painting or supervising the younger artists to keep the paint focused on the project at hand.
It took most of a day for Chris, Brian, and Winston to design and assemble our family collaboration into a sculpture. It was constructed on the slanted cement site that it occupies just outside the living room door on the back patio at the cottage.
Dottie loved to wear hats. This rattan piece was at the same yardsale. There are wooden thread spools to represent her interest in sewing ... also, to give the kids more pieces to paint.

The bird is painted on the bottom of the drawer that had contained all the pieces.
There were a pair of wooden candle sconces in that box (drawer).
The perfect finishing touch was buttons. These buttons came from Dottie's dresses that had I disassembled to make the "Celebration Memorial" quilts.

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Elaine Adair said...

I LOVE it! Now, I wanna do THAT! Oh gosh - got to focus ...

arlee said...

what a perfect idea!!!!!!!!!!
I'm bookmarking you--i love your work!!!!!!
and rememebr you have to blog the artshare meme to get a piece:} i'll need your snailmail too!

Tonya R said...

I LOVE this piece of art. So much fun and it's great you did it together. The bird is fabulous and the eyeball is marvelous.

Anonymous said...

Jackson just had the best time spotting and picking out all the buttons he put on. He had such a fun time doing that with you!

Terra and Jackson

Nellie Bass Durand said...

Jackson and his twin brother, Jennings, are two of my grandsons. They're the ones who added the buttons to the sculpture.