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Friday, March 28, 2008

2008 Festival of Quilts

The tenth biennial for this show is taking place in the Farragut Town Hall through Sunday. Ninety-three quilts are hung and draped in the rotunda, auditorium, hallways, and side rooms. It is not a judged or juried show. If a quilt was award winning in another venue, it's ribbon is displayed with it.
Linda Roy is the featured quilter. Eight of her national/international award winning quilts are the center piece of the show. A number of which have appeared in calendars and magazines. It gives me goose bumps seeing that many of her exquisite quilts in one place.

Linda Roy (not in front of her quilt)
Linda is a fellow member of the Smoky Mountain Quilt Guild. As far as I know, she only makes big bed-sized quilts. All her work is hand applique on machine pieced backgrounds. Linda's hand quilting of the tiniest stitches is composed of originally designed intricate patterns that are dense. Following are photos of Linda's quilts.

And here I am with my four entries. Of course, you recognize the newest one. "Silk Roses" and "Moon Dance" were award winning quilts in SMQ 2007 show. That's "Lake #52", the only official one of the series I've made this year.
My next post will feature other wonderful quilts on display ... some new, some not so new, and some really old.


self taught artist said...

oh nellie
this picture just stands out above the rest. those quilts are unbelievable! #18 blows my mind...i felt like crying when i enlarged the picture and really saw that quilt. it is MAGIC.
you are amazing.

Karoda said...

oooo Nellie, what a nice photo of you with your diverse works! the one on the far right, not sure if i've seen before on your blog, but it reminds me of a very popular ashanti (i believe) mask in african gold that hangs in a british museum...can't recall the name of the mask at the moment but it's imagery i've seen quite a lot in various places over 30 years.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Stunning assortment of quilts! Almost (note I said 'almost) makes me want to go back to sane quilting. Yours are by far the most interesting and fun to look at.

Nellie's Needles said...

Thought I'd share this email just received from Linda Roy:

I truly appreciate your generous and positive remarks about my work. I too am compelled each and every time I have a new idea. There is much similarity in the components of all my work but that is not intended. It just comes. It really is exciting for me to see so many under one roof.

I enjoy the creativity seen in your work Nellie. It amazes me that such work can be as cohesive as yours. There really is a wonderful balance and play in color/design. You also demonstrate amazing quality in workmanship. I just appreciate and love it all. See you soon at our next guild meeting. Linda

teodo said...

Dear Nellie
congrats for your creations that are amazing..........
for the pics and for the beautiful quilts that I can see in your photos.

Linda Roy words are true.
ciao ciao

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilts, Nellie, I really like you lake series quilts, too

Karen said...

Wonderful to see you with your beautiful quilts, it gives a true feel of the size. Linda Roys quilts are stunning, would love to see them up close. It looks like a really impressive show!

Elaine Adair said...

Such beeeeaaautiful quilts, and hanging not a block from my old home ... I was almost afraid to look at the crowd, wondering if I would recognize anyone.

jenclair said...

Wow! Seeing the rich colors and intricate designs in the spiral quilt in "real size" is even more impressive!

Clevelandgirlie said...

Congratulations Nellie on creating such a diverse and truly spectacular array of quilted art. Each piece is so unique and special -- you are an amazing artist.

Kay said...

I agree that the spiral quilt looks stunning. All your quilts play well together, but the spiral is my favorite. I've been fortunate to see several of Linda Roy's quilts in reality, and they are truly wonderful, awe inspiring.