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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Transfer Botanical Images by Pounding

My friend, Judy, who was pounding leaves with me last weekend sent these photos of her results on fabric...
...and paper.A bit more about my process. I place the botanical between 2 layers of fabric (many times just folding over a single piece). The image from the underside of a leaf or petal is usually stronger. The best thing to use for pounding is a rubber mallet. Although, I've used a hammer and river rocks as well as that stick last weekend. I've also found it's best to pound on a smooth cutting board. I cover it with a plastic bag so as not to leave stains behind.

I touch up the finished piece with crayons. Heat the fabric with an iron so the colors melt into the fabric rather than sit on top. Watercolor crayons and pencils would work well, too. I also have outlined the images with permanent pens. Heat set the natural as well as any added pigments to make them more permanent. Using "prepared for dying" fabric or treating it to retain dye would be best.

Click here for an in depth article about the process that I just found through Google. Go here to see and read about other projects I've made with pounded flowers. Now, go have fun and wake up the neighborhood with your pounding.


teodo said...

Thanks Nellie.
ciao ciao

Joyce said...

Oh dear, after reading this my house plants may take a beating as they are the only flowers available right now!

Judy said...

Enjoyed seeing "the fun" on your blog!
Enjoyed the art project together.

betty said...

When I read about your pounded leaves I laugh so hard I almost fell off my chair. A while back I was trying to explain to my 90 year old mother how to do the pounded leaf thing and she looked at me and very seriously said I wonder if you can do birds.Then she looked shocked.