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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Chronicle of Quilts Page

I've thought of another use for one of the Page features given to each of us who use Blogger.  This is a good spot to chronicle the quilts I've made beginning in 1993.  It will be great to have the photos and information for each quilt recorded all in one place.  Right now there are many years of loose photos in a shoe box and a list of the of the titles and the year the quilts were made through 2007, plus several binders of crammed and barely organized notes ... 16 years worth.  This is my first entry:

1993 - 1 quilt, 1 top
My original intention was to make textile art that combined skills and techniques from many years of learning and exploring needlework skills with quilting as a foundation.

This one was begun before I knew anything about quilting.  It is hand-pieced silk and the blocks are 2 1/2" square.  The idea I had for finishing it with a border of accordion quilting didn't work.  It may be finished some year now that I am much more knowledgeable.   That won't happen until the mood or inspiration strikes.  In the meantime it wait its time at the bottom of a chest.

Patchwork Perspective
Made of silk fabric samples cut in 1" squares.
My intention was to make all of my quilts with this "accordion" technique. However, the process of learning the craft of quilting waylaid that plan.
Hand quilted - gifted to KandT
Read about this wall piece here. 


It will take sometime for me to record all the quilts that I've made through the years.  This will be an ongoing project that's worked on when I have a bit of time as well as access to scan photographs. The link for Chronicle of Nellie's Quilts is listed under PAGES in my sidebar.  Check that link occasionally if you'd like to see the quilts in my past that have led me to the quilts and art I make today.  Check it now if you'd like to see my first quilts.


Turbo Quilter said...

Nellie, That's really amazing! I had the same thought today.

At least I did start a photo album right away....However, I have shoe boxes full of pics of the kids....What does that say about my priorities???

Keep it up. This is very interesting.

Libby Fife said...

Good idea for those pages. Boy, you sure picked some tough patterns to start with:)

Michele Bilyeu said...

This is a wonderful idea! Just since I have bee blogging, I've seen quilts of yours that were amongst the most creative and amazing ones I'd ever seen...some of your family ones were absolutely inspiring to me. They truly deserve their own section and you really,really needed to share them with all of us! I'm so happy you're doing this!

Heather said...

These two quilts are little gems Nellie - so glad you still them even though unfinished. You have already put so much work into them and their colours are gorgeous.