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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Finding Elvis

Lee and I were in a shop in Kailua Kona, Hawaii looking at tikis.

The background music in the store was Elvis singing Christmas songs. So, of course, the subject of the king came up and Lee wondered if there were any tikis featuring his image. To Lee's dismay ... and my delight ... there were none that could be purchased. However, we were told there was an Elvis tiki in a bar called Lu Lu's at the other end of town. So we walked ... and walked ... and walked until we found it.
The king was heavily adorned with dollar bills along with everything else in that bar, but sure enough we had found him.
On the way out I spied what looked like the top of Elvis's pompadour sticking up above a partition. There was just enough room to take this photo of an "unadorned" Elvis tiki through a crack between the boards. 
Our quest was complete. We had truly found the BIG Kahuna.


Heather said...

Love those carvings and what fun to find the Elvis one. Happy New Year.

Michele Bilyeu said...

That's hilarious and wonderful. Who'd have guessed that the big Kahuna could possible hide in such a fun duplicate...and be spotted by such a master of Elvis-hiding espionage, herself ;) Hope you're having a wonderful holiday, Nellie!

Lynnda Tenpenny said...

Now THAT had to top it all for Lee! Whaaa HOOOOooooooo !

Colleen Kole said...

Looks like you might need to go back for another visit. What great fun to have found this-Look at that Lee enjoying himself in Elvisland-

A truly great way to enjoy the New Year! Happy New year Nellie and Lee!

June Calender said...

You can take the girl out of Tennessee but you can't take Elvis out of her heart.

Beverly said...

Sounds like it has been a wonderful holiday for you and your family- love the photo of Elvis' pompadour!

Happy New Year, Nellie, and safe trip home.

Kay said...

Too big to take home! ;)