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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thinking Puppet

Yesterday we went to the Art Extravaganza, Webb School’s annual art sale that features original artworks by more than 70 acclaimed artists from around the country. There was fine art, handcrafted jewelry, pottery, glass art, sculptures and metal art. We liked a lot of different artist's work, and were especially enamored with Daniel Lai's wall sculptures that featured reconstructed books (go here to see an interview about his work). It wasn't easy deciding which one to choose (go here to see a selection). This one won out.
 Thinking Puppet - 12"x 12" x 12"

A major factor in our choice was WHERE IN OUR HOUSE FULL OF ART WOULD IT GO? Recently we had moved an art piece from our bedroom to the entry way by the front door. Thinking about that specific available space and the angle at which a wall sculpture would be viewed made it easier to choose this particular one.
It's wonderfully interesting on its own. The interaction of the puppeteer  with this display of old dolls on my dresser tickles me.

Just beyond the end of that dresser is a display of more dolls along with a whimsical Pinocchio puppet and soft sculpture dunce figure, both of which are created by artists.
We have an eclectic mix of furniture and art in our bedroom The Victorian rosewood sofa was inherited and the copper and silver Turkish tray table was old when we got it forty-five years ago. For nearly fifty years we've been sleeping in Great Aunt Jane's double bed.
This 1970's modern room is filled with light from four patio doors, a full length window beyond the desk plus two celestory windows. We commissioned an artist to faux finish the walls with a cloud strewn sky effect. Often the morning clouds we see through the up high windows blend in perfectly with the painted ones.

Well, I didn't start out to give you a tour of my bedroom. But while I'm at it, here are photo views from each end of the deck that two of the bedroom patio doors open onto.
IF Tennessee were warm year around I would be tempted to furnish the deck with the elegant outdoor furniture that looks as if it belongs inside  and IF we didn't have to move everything that's out there into our bedroom while we're gone during summer. As it is, it's a wonderful place to have morning coffee and read the paper when it's warm. Also, it's protected from the wind so it can be nice during the cooler months on warmish afternoons. The post about my working on "Unraveled" out there a year ago February is here.


Heather said...

The puppet sculpture is amazing and I envy you your spacious bedroom and lovely decked area. So much room to fill with lovely things!

June Calender said...

What a nice art show you went to and what a nice art show you come home to. Living amid such interesting, meaningful piece of work must be a pleasure.

Rian said...

What a cool piece of work! And I always love tours around your house(s) because it's a real feast for the eyes.

paula said...

ya'll have created a fabulous living space its great to see it nellie

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

That sculpture has found the perfect home! :)

Robyn A said...

What a wonderful sculpture and the artist is so laid back about his enormous talent! I want one - but they probably wouldn't ship very well to Australia!

Lynnda Tenpenny said...

We saw that paper sculture at the Webb Show too. It was just fascinating! I enjoyed the video; it explained it a little better. I also enjoyed the tour of your bedroom!

Nellie's Needles said...

Thanks to all of you who've commented.

Lynnda,it was your art piece that moved to our entryway leaving a space for this new sculpture.

By the way, the artist sold out at the show. Sure am happy that my husband insisted we get there early on the first day. Daniel's Etsy site is empty, but he's getting busy to restock it soon. ;-)

sharon said...

Love you art work. We collect folk art too. Maybe someday we can get together.