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Saturday, May 05, 2012

More Silk Scarves

The third quilt made from silk scarves is quilted* ...

It's ready for Alicia to hide the thread ends and hand stitch the binding in place. I stood on a ladder to take the picture of the quilt on the floor ... it really is square.

Another use that I've found for beautiful silk scarves is to employ them as covers for my sewing machines between uses. Right now I'm using two floral ones. I may switch them out next fall.
Also, I've wrapped my plain metal lamps with scarves which were hand-dyed by friends. Personally I rarely wear scarves, so I'm glad to have found ways to enjoy having them.

For more ideas of ways to utilize scarves go to this post, "Scarves Aren't Made For Just "Around Your Neck" at this link.

 * To see the other cuddle quilts made with scarves go here.


June Calender said...

Ah,always welcome inspiration for new projects -- even though I'm up to my neck in projects. I DO wear silk scarves a lot but also collect them and have many that are out of style but still too nice to toss. Yes, I might use a silk scarf as a sewing machine cover -- and maybe a printer cover also. Thanks for the post and the link.

Rian said...

Nellie, your studio is a delicious cacophony of color! I LOVE IT!

Heather said...

I wear scarves a lot but I love what you do with them. You enhance their beauty by making them into quilts.

Donatella M said...

love the finish look of this quilt!! one of the techniques i never tried so far, quilting. but yours are truly the best i ever seen! congratulations! and thanks for linking back to my roundup!

paula said...

diggin the color and vibrant feel of these! scarves are great to have around :)

Nellie's Needles said...

I have to amend that statement, "Personally, I rarely wear scarves..."

Since I've chosen not to reconstruct after my double mastectomy last August, scarves have become a major accessory to my wardrobe. Some that were in my sewing stash are now hanging in my closet.

Also, the scarf covering the machine on the left has since become the center piece of a quilt for a friend.