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Monday, May 06, 2013

Different Kind of Orts

When I was at the Cliff Dwellers Gallery Theresa Tyler was stripping birch bark to make hand crafted baskets in her studio space. While we were talking she was discarding that outer papery white layer.  Before I left I asked if I could glean her waste basket of what I considered to be the "good stuff." This is what I brought home.

You'll note there's also some marbled paper scraps strewn among the bark pieces. Pat Thomas, another of the gallery co-op owners, does marbling. I emptied her wastebasket of those. The pieces with blues are now stashed with the bags of orts set aside to make lake pieces.

The two new trillium pieces have "birch sticks" in the foreground. Here's one of them with the first layer of orts trapped under yellow tulle ready to be quilted.
"Trillium Patch #4"


Heather said...

How clever of you to know that those little bark scraps would add just the right touch to your forest floor.

Unknown said...

I would have brought home those scraps too! I love bark and how perfect for forest floors! XOXO

Unknown said...

Thinking outside the box!! Love it!!