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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Well, finally I'm here on the web with a site of my own. YEAH! I've been yearning for an easier way to get my "stuff" out into the world both verbally and visually. Thanks to the boost and encouragement from my nephew and fellow artist, Peter Durand, I've got it.

Here's a photo of the piece I'm presently working on. It's a 39th birthday present for my son, Kemper:

It's titled "Big Red at Sunset". Mainly it's collaged fabrics with threads and wool roving thrown in. All is held in place with tulle netting placed over the surface. I then machine quilt through the surface design collage plus batting and backing to hold it all together. In the photo I'm adding paint to highlight the crests on the waves. Previously, I used oil pastels to shade the lighthouse and clouds as well as to emphasis elements in the compostion. Stay tuned for the finished piece in a day or so.


Anonymous said...


Awesome blogzone! You're so high tech now! Your latest creation is amazing. Must be absolutely stunning in person! Kemper is a lucky guy (39, huh?).

Your friends in Wisconsin,
The Martins

Perrin Sue said...

Nellie, this is wonderful. I can see your stuff this way. How interesting! High tech Nellie. wow

Perrin Sue

Joe Bagwell said...


I haven't been able to see a lot of things you sent me, Elfuss's birthday for example.

The blog idea is neat.

I guess you and Elfuss are still at the cottage. Plan on our normal Fall gathering on the weekend of the TN vs. SC game. June and I have leased a house in Gatlinburg. It will be roomier than the little condo.

Tell Elfuss hello. June wants to get rid of the "Bitch" hat and pin. I open the floor for nominations.


helen gorecki said...

i love it Nellie , now i can say i knew you when. lol hope we at least can go have ice cream before we leave.kisses

Larry Crutcher said...

Hey, it's terrific. Thanks for sharing.

Larry Crutcher said...

Your work looks terrific. Thanks for sharing.

Travis said...

Your site rocks! Cannot believe the all the things that you create. They are totally spectacular. Where is ELFUSS?