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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Guild Challenge

I was so pleased to get the news today that our guild, The Smoky Mountain Quilters, won the Grand Champion award in the Ultimate Challenge contest at the American Quilter's Society Show in Nashville, Tn. The prize is $5000 which goes into our guild's treasury. The Ultimate Challenge entry from the SMQ comprised eight quilts selected from many quilts made by our members that featured a challenge presented by our guild. This year's theme was a commemoration of our guild's 25th anniversary. The quilts were made to a specific size, featured 25 of "something" and was to incorporate a silver cotton lame fabric. Here are photos of the quilts that won this top award in that prestigious show.

Jan Borkowsky - The names of all 25 chairwomen of the Dogwood Arts Festival Quilt shows are written on the saucers. There are 25 napkins, candles, and plates.

Pat Blankenship - "Twenty-five Something" - Features events and happenings among guild members.

Gayle Loundes - "Reaching For the Sky - Twenty-five Years and Still Growing Strong" - there are 25 trees.

Barbara Lopes - "25 Scarlet Beads" Made from kimono silk fabrics.

Bridget Wilson Matlock - Anniversary Bouquet.

Pat Davis - "Ode to a Midsummer's Night Dream"

Gloria Felter - "Stars of the Smoky Mountains"

Nellie Durand - "Celebration" - There are 25 pieces making up the design. I incorporated all the different ways I could think of to celebrate ... fireworks, a big silver outlined star, a balloon release, confetti, and a ticker tape parade.

The Smoky Mountain Quilters Guild has entered this contest twice before. In 2003 our challenge theme was "T" and we won second place (my contribution was "May Day Teaparty"). In 2004 the theme was "Yard" and we placed third ("Junkyard Dawg" was the one from me.

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