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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

MORE Elvis

This is the second shoe I had designed for "Imelda's Dream" wall quilt. Lee tried to lay claim to it for the shrine room, but I wouldn't let him have it.

"Rock 'n Roll" shoe - 8" long - one of 16 shoes in "Imelda's Dream"

Instead, I designed a 12" long one as a birthday present for him. It's mounted on the door leading to the shrine room.

You can see Lee's tongue-in-cheek attitude toward Elvis by the objects mounted on the door entering the shrine room. As I said, "He has fun playing with Elvis." Following are photos of other Elvis things I've made that have become part of the irreverent shrine to the King.

"Love Me Tender Souvenier Fork"
14"x14" - 2004
This piece is the result of a piece of cake themed round-robin exchange with SMQ's Thursday Bee group (Sheila Rauen machine embroidered the fork made by Patty Ashworth). Yarns are couched to make the frosting and raspberry filling.

Valentines from three years made for Lee. The crazy quilt one became the backdrop for Elvis and Priscilla. Lee had bought a wedding cake topper and made the appropriate hairdos for the couple with clay.

A piece of artwork we had purchased in New Zealand was converted to the "Presley Puppet Palace" by Lee. The valentine I had presented to him on the day of purchase is part of the piece.


Tonya R said...

Very fun. I love the giant shoe.I definitely have a fondness for the kitsch Elvis souvenirs etc. That embroidered fork is incredible as well.

Maureen said...

I thought that you'd (at the very least)have made a blue suede shoe,ripple sole and all!
Like Tonya I hanker for the embroisered fork!