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Monday, March 27, 2006

2006 Festival of Quilts

A wonderful quilt show here in Farragut closed yesterday. It was put on by the Farragut Folk Life Museum and the Arts Council. This was the 9th biennial show coordinated by Linda Ford and it featured 110 quilts. It was a nice mix of vintage, traditional, and contemporary quilts. I was the featured artist/quilter with 21 of my quilts in a special exhibit, "Nellie's Needles".

I was there for about 2 hours each of the 4 days and got questions and attention from visitors that I wouldn't have thought would take an interest in the direction I've taken quilting.

My latest postings have been about quilts in this display. Stay tuned for those I haven't yet covered.

Also exhibited were seven of the eight quilts that comprised the Smoky Mountain Quilt Guild grand prize winning entry in the Ultimate Challenge contest at the AQS show in Nashville this last August. All eight quilts will soon be a special exhibit at the up coming AQS show in Paducah.

Following are photos featuring some of the other quilts in the "2006 Festival of Quilts". Enjoy!

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Kat said...

My dad forwarded your "nellie's needles" to me...
i love your work !( and always have) I missed seeing the new stuff last summer...but hopefully we can get together THIS summer in Mac! say yes please! Is spring there yet? it..almost.
Blessings to you! ( and your family!) Talk to you this summer!--Katrina Leestma