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Friday, May 19, 2006


Here's a fun quilt after the seriousness of the quilt themes in my previous postings. This one was just "playing." It was the first of several quilts made using a "trick" that I'd picked up from Simply Quilts. I don't recall who draws a shape and cuts it apart into templates with each piece getting a different fabric. I watched that at 1:00, marched into my studio and drew the fish, and then finished this piece by the time I went to bed. FUN!
"Aquamarine" - 24"x20" - 2003

Description: A flight of fancy under the sea surface spawned by my snorkeling experiences in the South Seas, Hawaii, and the Caribbean. There is much beauty in places we don't know and sometimes cannot even imagine.

Technique: I use a collage technique that I call "ortwork". It involves arranging bits and pieces of fabric and threads (the British term for these scraps is "orts") over a background that is layered on top of batting and a backing fabric. Tulle netting is laid over the collage to trap the "orts". Machine quilting holds all the layers together. Yarns are couched to the surface with machine zig zag stitches.

Materials: cotton fabric; cotton, metallic and polyester threads; oil pastels, yarn, wool roving, tulle, glitter glue. cotton batting

Exhibitions: 2004 Dogwood Arts Quilt Show - Knoxville, Tennessee
awarded Honorable Mention

It was gifted to friends in Hawaii.


Finn said...

Hi Nellie, what a fun quilt piece..*S* I especially like the eye of the looks as if you used a real eye...LOL

Quite remarkable. I'm guessing the fish isn't really pieced..but the cut parts laid on and the tulle holds them down?

KCQuilter said...

Oh, wow. That is one beautiful piece of art! Thanks for sharing.

jenclair said...

This does sound like a fun process, and I love the results!

Karoda said...

What a lucky friend who received it!