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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Challenge Quilts

A friend sent photos of the quilts made for the fabric challenge for which I created "Its A Hot Time...(in the old town tonight)". I think there are some wonderful uses of the required fabrics ... red/yellow polka dots by Jane Sassaman and the other one of multiple colored squares within squares.

I like to participate in challenges and block exchanges once in awhile. Usually it gets me to think outside "the box" ... to take a direction I wouldn't normally have thought to go. This one was a bit different. When I got the two fabrics at Christmas time I knew immediately that the polka dots were to be the foreground as well as the background for a Hunderwasser Happy House quilt and that the squares in the other fabric would become windows and doors. Without these particular fabric requirements I would not have made this quilt.


Finn said...

The quilts resulting from that challenge are just amazing! And what a great fabric that one with the squares! Your house quilt is perfect, I can't imagine it without the challenge fabrics. Great job Nellie!! *VBS*

Nellie Bass Durand said...

My submission ended up judged "Best Applique" in this exhibition. I don't know that I would classify this technique as applique. But then I guess collage could be called a form of applique.