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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Playing With Diane

My young artist friend who is also my niece-in-law, Diane Durand, was here last week with her family. Her project in Studio North was to finish the quilt she had previously pieced for her second daughter who's expected to arrive in January.
Diane had doodled a number of quilting patterns on a note pad. You may be able to see these quilting designs if you click on the photos below.
She had pieced the back. The quilt is a bit larger than the 45" width of the main blue fabric. By cutting a diamond from a different fabric and then strip piecing the scraps left from the front of the quilt for a 1 1/2" wide inner border, there was plenty of fabric for the corner areas. It's become a two sided quilt.
As Diane was piecing and trimming I was assembling another Lake piece. I was working at the same table she rotary cut pieces to size. Many of her scraps ended up in this piece.

Lake #37 construction
The lake was very much like this on that day. I especially liked the violet scraps (orts) and threads from Diane's project.
Lake #37 - 13"x 12"

To see more and read about Diane's work go here. She has posted about her making the quilt top for Lucy, about the wedding present quilt * from me, as well as about her creations in my studio * several summers ago while on vacation.

* clickable to see my original posts


Vicki W said...

What a treat to have your NIL there to visit and "play" with you! Her quilt is really cute and the backing treament is very clever. Love your new lake too!

Micki said...

Diane's quilt is wonderful. How nice that it turned into two quilts in one. And your lake quilt is fantastic.

joyce said...

How nice to have quilty relatives. Her quilt back is inspired. I keep wondering how many different lake scenes are possible but I can see now that they are endless. They just keep getting better.

self taught artist said...

Hi Nellie, thanks for stopping's always good to hear from you.
I can see you really affect everyone who spends time with you, in a good way!
You are creeping up on me...I'm still at #42 on the clocks.....
Welcome back, I've missed your posts.

teodo said...

Nice this double quilt!!!!
Diana is very good.....
and your lakes are fantastic.
ciao ciao

Karen Christensen said...

How fun is that! A big quilt for the baby and a beautiful lake view from the cast offs. This latest lake is my favorite.Something about the sand in this if the waves have inched in and out many times leaving the tracks. The stormy sky is how it has been looking around here lately too.

Sally L. Smith said...

I'm so impressed with your quilts. I, too, work with design elements under tulle. I use clipped yarn worked into a pattern then I hand quilt it with matching thread. This looks like pure FUN!

Belém said...

You two are a great team. She makes a lovely baby quilt and you use the scraps to make that wonderful art quilt.