Nellie"s Needles

Monday, August 27, 2007

Storms on the Lake

There have been a lot storms out over the lake this past week. High winds have kicked up white caps and big waves. That weather has been my influence for this piece.
Lake #36 - 13"x 12.5"
Once again, I forgot to take a photo before machine quilting it. I remembered mid-way through the lake section. The definition of the quilting patterns always amazes me.
Lake #39 construction
This one along with eight other pieces in this series was delivered to Good Good's gallery this afternoon. That's another thing that amazes me ... having my work in a gallery ... YIPPEE!!!


joyce said...

Congratulations! Your work definitely deserves to be in a gallery. THere is no doubt that it is art.

StegArt said...

Wow, just love the colors in that top photo.

arlee said...

That top one reminds me of when i was growing up in Southern Ontario and would stand in the backyard all brave but shivering, watching the thunderclouds move in----thanks for the memory!

Midge said...

Nellie I am blown away by the beauty of your work. Just a quick glance at your gallery and I fell head over heels for the beautiful colours in the crinkled series. You are a wonderful and inspirational artist!!!

teodo said...

congrats nellie,
a lot of people will admire your lakes and I think you will be very happy and feel satisfaction about that.

ciao ciao

jude said...

congrats! there certainly been enough "weather" lately. good that you can use it productively.

Rayna said...

Nellie, you capture the rhythm and feeling of the water so beautifully - the first one is especially lyrical.

Deb Geyer said...

I love how you capture the different moods of the water!