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Friday, December 07, 2007

One of My Favorite Artists

One of my favorite artists, Paula McCullough, is featured here. I cannot recall how I discovered Paula and her art. I do remember I was so blown away by her creations that I had to have one hanging on our wall.

Harmony - 6"x 11"
Her art is a pleasure to behold and to hold. I can almost feel her energy when I touch as well as view "Harmony". I love the added dimension of the shadows cast by the sculptural form of her wall pieces. There’s something different about the art depending on the time of day or lighting conditions. Many of her pieces cast much more shadow than this one.

It was Paula’s 100 clock series made with railroad plates along with a developing cyber friendship that pushed me into creating the series of my own 100 lake quilts. My older son purchased two of her clocks ... one for himself, the other as a house present for his friend who's a railroad buff. We both can attest to receiving well packaged art pieces in good time, as well as being most pleased with the art and her craftsmanship.

I keep up with Paula's weblog, "self taught artist", so I don't miss seeing and reading about the process of her marvelous creations ... as well as her struggles and triumphs.


self taught artist said...

Hi Nellie,

I was so surprised when I saw this post, thanks for writing such nice things about my work!
It is perhaps the biggest compliment when another artist buys and enjoys it.
thank you!!!

joyce said...

I have checked out her blog and am fascinated by her work. Thanks for pointing me there.

Karen said...

The piece you have from Paula is really great.How perfect that it has a fiber wrap to it! I too keep up with her blog. Love her honest and direct views. I hope to someday buy one of her works too. Budget wont allow it as yet.Though her prices are more than reasonable!

jenclair said...

Like Karen, I love that it has a touch of fiber! Beautiful piece, Nellie. Thanks for the link to her web site.