Nellie"s Needles

Friday, December 28, 2007

Old and New

OLD ... These are two of my pieces created with the technique of smocking. That method of stitchery is a surface embroidery across the surface of pre-pleated fabric.
NEW ... My Christmas present from our older son is Adobe Photoshop. Wow! My head is getting a workout learning how to utilize that program. I foresee a lot of hard work ahead of me. So far, I've learned to straighten bowed frames caused by the distortion of my camera's lens, to eliminate backgrounds, and to add shadows.
I would give more information about these pieces, but all of that is in Tennessee and I'm in Chicago. These pieces are so old that I've forgotten their titles even though they hang on our livingroom walls. I'll add captions to the above photos when I get home in January.


Kay said...

Photoshop is incredible. My understanding barely scrapes the surface of its features; I don't have much patience really. You'll enjoy it, I bet. Happy new year, Nellie.

Acey said...

Lovely use of the living pace wall. The pillows look very engaging as well.

Karen said...

Enjoy your new toy! Have a happy New Year!

Shirley Goodwin said...

I love that multicoloured piece Nellie. And what an interesting room! Photoshop will keep you busy - I just do a few basic effects with it.