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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pay It Forward Art Gift

This PIF art gift is in its new home in Italy.

"Hot Stuff" - 16"x16" (2008)
Linda Teodo who's a big fan of my shoe quilt, "Imelda's Dream" is the recipient. When I created this small quilt for the Smoky Mountain Quilt guild's "hot stuff" challenge this spring I used the same patterns for the shoes and boxes in that huge quilt. While I was making this one thoughts of Linda kept popping into my mind ... I knew it was destined for her. To read about its contruction, go here.


Lise said...

Linda will be a very lucky lady! What a fantastic quilt, Nellie. And thanks a lot for showing how you made it...Another topic on my "things I would like to do"-list.

McIrish Annie said...

I've always loved your Shoe quilts this is especially great with the red.

teodo said...

Thanks Nellie.
I showed it to some friends and they liked it so much!
I'll write a post next week. I'll wait for a while because here in Italy a lot of people is still on holiday.
ciao ciao