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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Red Shoes

I love red shoes. I've always loved red shoes. These are the shoes in my dream.

"Hot Stuff" - 16"x16" (2008)

These are the shoes in my reality.
I cannot believe how comfortable they are for pretty and dainty looking shoes. Usually I have to go for sturdy looking ones to find comfort. Not so for these silk faille beauties with a 1" high wedge heel from Italy.

The shoe quilt looked like this at the beginning of construction in my ortwork collage technique ... before the additions of paint, roving, threads, rhinestones and quilting.
I used real tissue paper that was already a gold metallic. Two coatings of Liquitex Matt Medium Varnish were brushed on to make it tear and moisture proof.Shiva Oil Paint Sticks shaded the box to give it definition ... especially, the corner on the black box.
To create the effect of a pink Venetian glass shelf, I laid down thin layers of roving over threads ... both kept in straight lines. I was going for the effect of glass (any kind of glass) that would not completely obscure the background fabric, as well as to give the box something to sit on. I'm pleased it turned out to be one of my favorite kinds of glass.

The rhinestones (and silver studs) are the kind made for clothing and are heat set. I used my little quilting triangle iron with a pressing cloth to adhere them. I couldn't resist adding them to the shoes and bags displayed in the background, too.

The red pair is so comfortable that I bought them in beige, too. Now, to keep those toenails painted and manicured through the summer season to show off my pretty shoes.


Deb R said...

But I bet you're not surprised I'd say that. :-)

jenclair said...

Hot stuff, indeed! Both the dream shoes and the lovely reality shoes! Ahhh, the details of the tissue paper and Venetian glass shelf--Fantastic!

Karoda said...

Now I'll be seeing myself dance in this shoes to the Donna Summers song about
"Hot Stuff, babee this evening" in my head!!!

ACey said...

Wish I could see myself in the shoes like Karoda did. But since she mentioned that particular song now I'm seeing the Full Monty guys wearing them...