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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Flock of Birds Getting Bigger

It isn't even noon and there have been nearly 200 visitors from the Netherlands to read about my birds. A member of an internet group posted this photo of her soooo cute birds on its site.
I'm curious as to how the legs are constructed and what material(s) were used. The googly eyes are cute ... and I see the beaks were sewn on and shut rather than glued.

Many people have downloaded my pattern which is a PDF file from HERE (note: while you're there, click on "more from this publisher" in the column on the right to access the downloadable instructions for constructing it). Two of them are college students in Colorado (one of which is the niece of cousin Judy) who made these two pretty birds.
I'm so pleased to have found the Scribd site to post the pattern and instructions for these birds so that I could share them because it is impossible for anyone to download them from my blog. That site is free and it amazes me how many people have gone there:

  • 3, 046 for the pattern
  • 2, 886 for the instructions
I'd very much like to see any birds made from this pattern. Please send me a photo or a link to where you've posted one. It will get added to the Picassa album of "Birds"


Cousin Judy said...

Thanks, we are all looking at them on the blog! Fun to be on the "world wide web".

Angelia said...

Sooooo cute!!!!!!

Clevelandgirlie said...

How absolutely cool Nellie that your birds are winging their way across the oceans. They really are so fun and full of personality.