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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Exciting Opportunity From One Of My Favorite Artists

I've previously written about Paula of the Self-taught Artist blog and her art. It was her work of a series of 100 clocks that enticed me to do the lake series. Speaking of clocks, Paula has especially created TEN fun clocks. One is to be auctioned on Ebay beginning this evening at 7PM. Her stated intent for this project is:

The point of the auction is mostly to allow blog fans to have first dibs. The point is also to allow people a chance to buy affordable contemporary functional art. I have made these clocks identical (as close as possible given the medium) which also keeps the price down as the level of creativity stays even instead of making a completely new piece each and every time.
Go to Paula's blog to get details for Ebay so you can join the excitement of possibly getting a wonderful piece of art.

To view the piece of art that we purchased from Paula go here


self taught artist said...

thanks nellie! how surprising to see this post. you are too wonderful to do this. see you tonight, don't be late you wouldn't want to miss the hot h'ordeurves!

self taught artist said...

oops!! i'm only auctioning the one clock then the other 9 on a website next week.