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Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Getting There"

Wow! I'm surprised and pleased at the attention this quilt has gotten. A big "thank you" to all who have responded with comments and suggestions for the dilemma of "am I done?".

I very much liked this piece as it came together, but there was the pestering question about how the center was "being read" ... how it related to the bold flowers. The more I looked at it, the less I was enamoured ... the more that question niggled around in my head.

Whenever this happens , I know I'm not done ... that the piece requires something more, but what? Often, possible solutions rise to the surface of my mind during sleep. When that happens I can hardly wait to get to the studio to try my new idea.

This morning I woke up with a clue as to what is bothering me about this piece. Very possibly it's the orientation. In my mind, while creating the center piece the red and yellow areas were flowers while the blue and white was distance and sky which made even the thought of rotating the piece not even a consideration. Although, I had turned it upside down at one point to confirm which way was up, a vertical orientation instead of the horizontal landscape one never entered my mind. So anyway, I hurried to my studio to rotate it one turn.
Amazingly, how the center piece "reads" changed tremendously. It no longer has the feeling of deep distance, or "a hole" as I referred to it previously. It has come forward to work better with the up close border flowers. Now the yellow has become tall shrub flowers in the sunshine and the white just a nebulous corner. I'm also seeing that previously horizontal fragmented limb as an upright tree ... mmmmmmmm.

30"x 32"
I had made what was the bottom border wider. That makes for another dilemma ... can that wider border remain on the left side? In the first set of photos a strip of the binding fabric is pinned where it would be cut to make it even with the other three. I'm looking at it on my design board without the binding ... and it's growing on me. I think it can stay wider than the other three sides.

Oh, and it now has a title "Imagine Monet".


Diane said...

Isn't it crazy how just turning a picture on it's side can make such a difference? I really do like the look of it at this angle. This is a beautiful piece!

Karen said...

Amazing Nellie! It does work much better this way. Funny how sometimes just a little change makes so much difference. And I thought it was fine as it was, Your artists eye saw more!

Kay said...

That's amazing! But it does make a difference. If only all problems were so simple to solve. I think the different size border adds interest actually.

I'm also intrigued by the way you add quilted borders to a quilted piece, using the seam as a design element. I want to do that sometime.

Joyce said...

Amazing difference! I think it's the stem by the blue flower that makes the difference. It now looks like it's behind the center, making the center come forward more. I love it and the wider border looks fine to me.

McIrish Annie said...

wow! just turning it made all the difference. I am glad you have decided to leave the wider border, it definitely works.