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Monday, February 02, 2009

The Flock Is Growing

Here's another attempt at a Red Winged Blackbird. The Luminare paints give an amazing iridescent effect to black or plain fabrics.
I had used this fabric for the colored part of the wings. Now I'm wishing that I had done less coloring with the red paints and pens. Plus, it ended up more orange than desired. I may have to try again.
After working with the plain fabrics, I needed to make a couple of brightly colored birds. Luminare H20 paints sparkle up this funky bird.
This bird sports a tail feather ... a find that was blowing across the sidewalk when I left quilting bee last Thursday. There's no paint added to the fabric of this one.
The photo of this pretty bird arrived in an email from Great Britain this morning.
Carol, its maker, says, "My bird had a date at the hairdressers today, so I could take her photo ( ribbons added ) Ignore the legs, it was all I had at the time, courtesy of my grandson's craft box and I still haven't been to the flower shop for wire. When I do get the correct wire, she'll have new legs and some friends." To see more of Carol's work go here.


willa said...


Have you used paintstiks on the birds? If not, I would like to send you some.

I have enjoyed your birds tremendously and just would like to give something back. I think heat setting would not be an issue as the birds are not headed to a bath!


acereta said...

Your birds are increadibly beautiful!

Libby Fife said...

Nellie-I love those outrageously colored orange and pink birds-as well as their more subdued buddies.

Great post and pics so thanks again.

Deb said...

The minute I saw the title "Red Winged Blackbirds" I smiled and heard their merry call in my head. These are the birds I miss the most here in the south. Delightful!

Elaine Adair said...

The bird with the ribbon in her beak is (next to my own) the new best-favorite! 8-))