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Friday, May 22, 2009

The End of SMQ Guild 2009 Show

Stack-n-Whack quilts intrigue me as do kaleidoscopes. I almost missed recognizing this quilt as one.

Twisted Sisters
It was made by Sue McCoy of Knoxville, Tennessee. As far as I can figure out this is a border print and Sue used it as such on the outside edge of the quilt. That green cord inserted between the binding and border is a nice touch.
The print of this fabric made wonderfully subtle patterns.

This lopsided photo is of the quilt made by our guild. Raffle tickets were sold before and during the show to raise money for our service projects ... the biggest one being quilts for children at Knoxville's Ronald McDonald house.
I had donated the three stack-n-whacks at the center bottom of the quilt. Loretta Painter donated the topiary tree block that I had made for her from a s&w block in an exchange. I had cut all 150 blocks that resulted from one design repeat into circles because of my love for kaleidoscopes. I got a variety of sizes by cutting various width strips to be whacked through for each block. To see the bed quilt I made featuring those blocks go here.

There are two Best In Show awards. One for a bed quilt ...
Aunt Mimi's Flower Garden
This top award winning quilt is created by Elsie M. Campbell of Dodge City, Kansas. She wrote for the show booklet, "I'm known as Aunt Mimi to my nieces and nephews. I love to garden, whether on my quilts or in my front yard. This quilt was my first bed sized, all machine made quilt. I loved watching it grow over the several months as I stitched away."
This quilt was displayed in an area where the back side could be viewed as well. I've always loved being under a quilt and holding it up to the morning sunshine to see the pattern and colors from the under side.

... and one for Best of Show Wall Quilt.
Life in Holly Ridge
This amazing quilt is created by Nancy Prince of Orlando, Florida. She wrote for the show booklet, "Approximately 50,000 yards of thread and 5 million stitches created the thread painting designs. No embroidery cards were used. The background fabric was hand painted and Tsukineko inks were used to ink the doors and windows on the houses and bias-sided stores. My grandchildren are the merchants in the town. It took approximately 1500 hours of frustration, a ton of trial and error and incredible fun and ultimately total joy to complete the quilt. Take a look around the town and step back in history a bit."

It also received the Surface Embellishment Award.

I've saved the one I consider to be the best for last. It was awarded Viewer's Choice, so I'm not alone in my judgement.
Icing On the Cake
This fabulous quilt is created by Linda Roy of Knoxville, Tennessee. It is hand appliqued and then hand quilted. It also received the special award for Hand Workmanship.
Linda says she based her design on old embroidered wool coverlets or quilts.
It all began with the rich chocolate Japanese background fabric and Amy Butler print fabric.
Post Note: Linda gave me what was left of that print fabric and I used it for this bird.

This show had live TV coverage three separate times on "Live With Allison". To see videos of the broadcasts go here. These are the numbers of the taped segments:
3764227 - Interview with show chairman
3764220 - Interview with Linda Roy
3764213 - Best of Show Quilts
The video screen on the TV's web page is on the right-hand side and you'll have to watch a commercial before each segment. OOPS, I just checked the links and they don't come up easily. You may have to go "digging" for them.

As you've seen and read through my posts about the Smoky Mountain Quilt Guild show, it is much more than a venue for our members to share their quilts with the Knoxville community. It is open for quilts to be entered from all over the country and beyond. Consider entering your quilt in our show next year. You, too, may come away with an award ribbon and part of the $5000 cash prizes. At the very least you'll get a professional critique of your quilt and it will be seen and appreciated by 1200-1300 visitors to the show.

All of the quilts in this 2009 show can viewed in a slide show on the Smoky Mountain Quilt Guild website. Links for slide shows of every quilt show dating back to 2005 are there, too.


Dolores said...

Many thanks for sharing the quilt show with us. What wonderful quilts and I'm sure it was a treat to see them all in person.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Thank you Nellie...I have so enjoyed your quilt show. I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite out of all the lovely pieces. Hope there is something as nice at our local quilt show next weekend!

Judith said...

I have gone through these posts and enjoyed it so much. Thanks for sharing.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Oh my! What a show. There are some amazing quilters in your guild! Just some unbelieveable work especially the Best of Show winners and the Viewers Choice Winner. The quilting was incredible as was the applique on the Best of Show. I was surprised it was Amy Butler's fabric too!

Your bird reminded me I have still to make one. I have the pattern, I have the leg material, I have a great piece of driftwood to stand it on.......I WILL do it.

Elsie Campbell said...

Wow, I was really surprised and pleased to see my quilt Aunt MiMi's Flower Garden included here in your blog. Thanks for including my description and giving me credit for making it.

Elsie M Campbell