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Saturday, May 16, 2009

More SMQ Guild's 2009 Show

The simple design with the complex arrangement of the fabric patterns and widths greatly appeals to me in this quilt made by Melissa Carter of Knoxville. The soft yellow-green and aquas are not showing up on my screen as fresh and soothing as they actually are.

Sassy City Girls
Melissa made this quilt for display at Gina's Bernina shop using "City Girl fabrics. The pattern is from American Patchwork and Quilting.

This quilt by Dixie Haywood of Pendleton, North Carolina won 1st Place in Pieced Wall Quilt category. "It features an off-center pineapple with flying geese swirling through it. The border carries the motion to the edge of the quilt." It is hand-quilted.

Green Piece
... and boy is it ever green ... wonderfully so. It's made by Leona Harden of New Tazawell, Tennessee. The raw edge machine applique was done on her Tin Lizzie 18, as well as the machine quilting. This original design was made for our guild's "Going Green" challenge. It was awarded 1st Place in the Going Green category as well as being honored with the Best Machine Workmanship special award.

Wild Thing
This wild quilt, awarded 2nd Place in the Group category, was submitted by Darlene Bakos. Others who contributed are Bridget Wilson Matlock and Carolyn Wimberly. This original quilt was made for SMQ's "Go Green" challenge.

Face the Music
This lively Group quilt is awarded 1st Place. It's created by the Out of Towners, four SMQ member who create fabulous quilts together ... Candace Tucker, Patty Ashworth, Tone Haugen-Cogburn, and Bridget Wilson Matlock. Each of them has "faced the music" and chose a song to represent themselves in their section along with personal photos. From the top down, Candace, "If I Could Save Time in A Bottle"; Tone, "Tennessee Waltz"; Bridget, "Amazing Grace"; and Patty, " The Heart of Rock and Roll is Still Beating".

Golden Braid
An Honorable Mention is awarded to this two-person quilt designed and constructed by Pat Schwartz of Loudon, Tennessee. She learned this pattern in a class taught by Sandra Black of Tellico Plains. It's from "French Braids" by Jane Hardy Miller. It was machine quilted by Michael Ann Staggs.

Beauty Pageant
This lovely quilt made by Marlene Brown Woodfield of LaPorte, Indiana is awarded 1st Place in the Pictorial category. She says, "An American Beauty butterfly walks across the hosta leaf runway, strutting her beautiful wings in an effort to become the winning contestant."

In My Mother's Arms
Another entry by Marlene Brown Woodfield. It was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Small Art Quilt category. She says about this one, " Cradled in my mother's arms, I was presented for baptism in the family of God. This a portrait of Ruth Ludders Brown and daughter, Marlene." I wonder if the clothing belonged to those portrayed.
Freedom Is Not Free
This powerful quilt created by Pat Kumicich of Naples, Florida is awarded 2nd Place in the Pictorial category. It also received the Innovative Design special award. Pat's description for the program booklet is simply, "My feelings about war and women who are left behind." This one moves me to tears.

Tomorrow, Sunday, is the last day of this exhibition. I'll be posting the photos I take then over the next few days.


Beverly said...

Lovely and interesting quilts- I share your opinion of some simple quilt patterns being very striking. Birds in the Air does it for me--

Your quilts look great in the show, by the way. I hope work is proceeding well on the large commission.

And, I have a growing bag of threadies to send you. You'll probably be in Michigan by the time I get to it!

Heather said...

Wonderful quilts - how do the judges come to a decision?! The gentle colour grading in French Braids is so clever and I could easily live with Beauty Pageant on my wall! All of them show such skill in working with patterned fabrics and use of stitch and some convey a very poignant message. Thankyou for sharing them with us.

Patty Ashworth said...

Nellie! Thanks for putting up pictures of the show on your site. I have been sending out the link so people can see them. Have you got space for all 145? The show really is super this year! Patty.

Deb said...

You good taste is showing! Wonderful selection out of what looks to have been a great show. Thanks for the careful accreditation too - I've been able to congratulate a few artists personally. Wonderful exposure for great work and new names. Thanks.

Nellie's Needles said...

I'm glad to hear the viewing of these quilts are being enjoyed. Patty, I won't be posting pics of ALL 147 quilts. Those will be in a slideshow on the guild's website which I'll post a link to when that's been done.

As for how a judge comes to a decision, each has a set of criteria for the physical work and skill level of the entry. That part is easy to judge. Then the art part of judging gets tricky. It depends a lot on the judges experience, depth of knowledge, personal taste, and even on her mood of the day.

Allison Ann Aller said...

Love that Green Piece!
Thanks so much for the gallery here...

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

Okay....the hosta & butterfly win it for me.

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