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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Bird

Isn't she a hoot? Being slightly under stuffed, her looks bring to mind an aging beauty whose overdone it with the "feather weaves" and is wobbling around on spindly legs. This full of personality bird is put together by Joyce making it the second Canada Bird in the album. The other one being a farout funky bird created by Arlee.

Again, I want to thank Terry Grant for the inspiration behind my bird pattern. I had seen her first fabulous two birds on her blog and needed a project with which to play when my friend, Alicia, came to visit for ten days. Looking at the photos of Terry's birds I drafted the one that I've been using and sharing. It's amazing how each bird made from this same pattern ends up with a unique personality. Wondering what the next one will "be" is why I ended up making so many. When there's the factor of each maker's creative choices and skill level involved in the mix, the results are amazing.

Terry's marvelous birds are not only the "originals", but reflect traits of actual species. She is now selling them on Etsy. Go here to see them and read the post announcing their introduction to the world. If you're familiar with Terry's art, you know of her wonderfully unique creativeness and highly developed skill level. These most likely won't be in her Etsy store for long and I predict that she's going be awfully busy creating birds to keep them in stock.

PS: I just purchased Basil the blackbird from Terry's Etsy store. I'm thrilled that it will be another mascot in my studio. I like to think he will radiate a bit of Terry's creativeness. The bird's name is the same as our sixteen year old Sheltie who died last fall, so there is an extra personal connection for me to this bird.

PPS: The wired beauty of a bird two posts back is created by Shelley at Mermaid's Purse. Checking out her link for this post I see that she's made another ... and his name is Homer.
This one called Flitty was created by Shelley back in March. Go here to read about him ... her?
All these birds have been added to the Bird Album at Picasa.


SewCalGal said...

Too cute. I love this colorful bird. Now I want to try to make one. Thanks for sharing.


Joyce said...

Thanks for introducing my bird to the world. I am half done a fatter one. We'll see how she looks when she's winged and feathered. She is reluctant to stand up at the moment.

Beena said...

I think they should have a whole category devoted to these delightful fun birds at all the shows! They are so wonderful and whimsical!

Heather said...

I just love these birds and as you say they have such individuality and character. I'm popping over to take a look at Terry's birds.

Mermaid's Purse said...

Thankyou for posting my birds on your blog. I have just finished two more - think that's enough for now as we don't have an aviary! Am just off to look at the links you posted. Shelley

Myra said...

I just popped in from Joyce's blog to have a look at your birds/blog...
Thanks for sharing the bird pattern and instructions! They are wonderful! 8-)

I love your creations! You are one very talented lady! 8-)

Happy stitchings!