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Friday, June 12, 2009

Doll House Tour

The lady at the door with the baby is coming to "trick or treat". Mother doll is getting candy from the entryway table for them. The side windows at the door have curtains that are pleated silk with lace trim panels. The rug is one that came in a book of rugs printed on a fuzzy paper. I colored in the pattern with felt tip pens and then mounted it on course fabric that is fringed on the two ends. The figures on the shelves are porcelain.
I have decorations for three holidays ... Halloween, Easter, and Christmas. The only digital photos I've taken are these of Halloween.I like to think that father doll is taking a break from carving pumpkins. I don't know who was playing cards.
Under the newspaper is an inlaid chess board in the center of the table. The chess set is stored in the highboy along with a lot of other things.I made this easy chair from scratch. It's upholstered with silk fabric and trimmed with twisted floss. The protective doilies are motifs cut from lace, as is covering for the pillow. The window covering and valance are also pieces of lace trim and finished with the same floss twist plus tassels. The clock is made from a kit.

The corner china cupboard is also made from a kit. There are silver pieces, real glassware, and porcelain dishes.
I hope you're clicking on these photos to see the details such as father's pipe and pocket watch on the side table between the chairs. The smaller chair is where mother sits to stitch. There's a threaded needle waiting for her in the work in progress (embroidered by me with a single ply of fine silk thread ... but not with that needle). The hoop really does slide up and down the stand. Note the spool rack filled with threads on the end of the mantel.

The bird's name if Bob.

Philip is the young boy's name. He's in a rocking horse chair that I constructed, stained, and caned with silk thread. He's playing with his favorite toy teddy bear that I made from fine wool felt. The fur is embroidered in a straight stitch with a single strand of floss.

Lucia is playing with her dolls at the bay window seat. Her doll and trunk were made by me from kits. Although, I designed and made the doll's clothes. You'll see that up close in my next post.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Nellie...this is a total treasure! I love the tiny stitching and the lace curtains and the wee little dishes. Actually I love it all, but those things stand out. Oh, and the pair of roller skates in the corner too.

Vicki W said...

That is amazing!

acereta said...

Incredible!!!! Esp/ the china, che chair, actuaaly it's all absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!

Kayla coo said...

I love all the minitures and how perfect is the little needlework.x

Heather said...

Everything is exquisite and perfectly to scale - how you must love it especially when you have put so much work into it. It's an absolute treasure.

Joyce said...

Wow!!! So well done and so detailed! I am totally impressed.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

An amazing dollhouse! Hope you will get photos of the other seasons for us to see.

Judith said...

Thanks so much for all the info and the grand tour of you dolls house. I think it is a super house, all the furniture, lace, curtains and ornaments. The family are quite delightful too. Thanks for showing it to us

Merry said...

Totally amazing...everything has been thought of. Love the details..thanks for showing us around.

Diane said...

The attention to detail in this is just incredible.What an amazing work of art. Such patience! I had to pour over every photo in closeup. It is just wonderful!