Nellie"s Needles

Friday, July 31, 2009

Indian Paintbrush in the Rockies

There were quite a few patches of wildflowers tucked among the boulders on our trek around Bear Lake this morning high in the Rocky Mountain National Park.
I took a number of photos of the Indian Paint Brush flower.
There were a few Bluebell flowers growing along side them.
My favorite was this lone blossom growing from a crack in a huge rock.


Heather said...

Beautiful photos on this post Nellie and your previous one. You must feel you are in the Garden of Eden. Many years ago I visited Mt.Rainier about this time of year and thought that the whole mountain side was like a giant rock garden - so lovely. I love the Indian Paint Brush flowers.

arlee said...

We have those in our mountains outside Calgary too--never knew what they were until recently---the Indian Paintbrushes are such a colloquialism that i hadn't a clue---where i grew up in Ontario, they were a tall orangey red daisy type on a long stem!