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Saturday, July 04, 2009

More Birds Here and There

Over at Timber Hill Threads two quilters are having fun making "Nellie Birds".
A motherly looking bird posted on a group site, Abuela Creativa


Anonymous said...

I love these birdies, and the way you can put them anywhere you want them is great. Real birdies just fly away! Happy holiday to all.

Heather said...

The Nellie birds are so lovely and really enhance the garden setting. Happy July 4th to all our American bloggy friends out there.

Beena said...

Very cute birds!

Terri said...

These are really great photos to show off the birds.
How nice that they are having fun making these. I have yet to make one. Put it is still on my to do list. ;)

Waltraud said...

I love these little birds,

Maggie R said...

I love the birds in the garden Nellie...
Lots of fun. Hope you had a happy 4th

Karoda said...

Hi Nellie, seeing the birds outside made me think about Papervol...its something I've seen at that is applied to fiber to make it waterproof and ables the item to be kept outside. Have you tried something like that?

Patti G. said...

Dear Nellie,
You should be so happy and proud of yourself....for of all of fabric artists that you have inspired with your generosity of sharing the pattern and instructions for your darling Nellie Birds! Everyone is FLYING in their interpretation of them and it is all because YOU are so giving to share the pattern and know how. I , for one, am thrilled and enjoy seeing each one! (Maybe this is a book in the making :0)
You are a star!