Nellie"s Needles

Monday, September 14, 2009

An Empty Pause!

LOOK! My studio is empty! Today the carpets and rugs in our cottage are being professionally cleaned.
This is what it looked like yesterday. Lots of stuff ... lots of work going on!
The room is not large, it has three doors and there are traffic paths through it ... one to a bedroom behind the design board, another from the lower level into the living room, and still another to the third floor bedrooms. It's necessary to block that last one off with my set-up of panels.
This is my arrangement so I can get the flowers and foliage to flow from one panel into the next to make one BIG picture.

I'm not waiting for the rug to dry before I roll my chair out of the bedroom behind the door to the machine and continue quilting on the current panel. I'm just waiting for the guy to leave.


arlee said...

WOW you DO get a LOT of work done in such a small but busy place!

Kay said...

Carpet cleaning in the middle of the project! You're a calmer person than I, Nellie!

Karen said...

I can't imagine how your managing to sit and wait!!!

Heather said...

Hopefully warm dry weather will shorten the drying time! Don't leave chair tracks on the rug, and where did you put all your stuff?!

Nellie's Needles said...

Well, I got some computer time waiting for the those carpets to be cleaned ... a chance to catch up on some of your blogs.

Heather, there's no pile to the studio rug. So no worry about leaving an imprint from my chair. In the evening I got the centers of the Sawtooth Sunflowers made and sewn.

Just today I got all that "stuff" out of the bedroom behind the door placed back in the studio ... a bit more orderly than it had become as you see it in the photo.

Fiesta said...

The quilt you are working on is just stunning. I always complain about my small space but you have used yours so well.