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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Strange Laundry on My Clothesline

Finally I've gotten to the point of applying the final spray of Krylon fixative to the prairie flower panels ... at least to those in the vertical center row.
This is the second time for the spraying. The first was to the "underpainted" layer. This product not only sets the oil stick pastel work I've done to blend or accent design elements, but protects the surface against moisture and fading UV light rays.

The next step is to mount each in this row to the especially prepared MDF boards seen here. A local carpenter prepared them. He routed out some of the material from the back to lighten their weight, sanded, and painted them.
Then onto refining the details in the rows of panels on each side of the center, treating them with the Krylon fixative spray, then mounting those onto the solid boards.

When all that is finished, I have only six panels to build the flower details over the underpainted layers. There are no expected guests here at the cottage for the next three weeks. I'm projecting that I'll get this project finished before the end of October so we can head south for the winter.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

It's nice to know that someone else has strange things on their clothesline once in awhile! I'm sure my neighbours must wonder what I'm up to when I put out rusty and stained pieces (altho, come to think of it, maybe they just think my laundry skills are sadly lacking!).

Joyce said...

Your clothesline looks amazing. Good luck on getting finished by the end of Oct.

Karen said...

Look how beautifully these blend in with the yard! Wonderful work and it is moving right along!

Heather said...

Far more beautiful than a line of laundry Nellie. You still have a lot of work to do, but the end is in sight. Hope life doesn't get in the way to ruin your plans!

Kay said...

I would never have thought of this step. They look beautiful, and you're getting closer!

Anonymous said...

I just spent some time reviewing your entire Prairie Flowers project and I'm am absolutely BOWLED OVER!! Phenomenal work- must be almost like giving birth. Your process is fascinating- I've enjoyed learning about "Ortwork". Thank you SO MUCH for sharing how you do what you do. Now- if you could just transmit your talent through the web.... : ))))

Evenspor said...

This is so exciting. Bet you can't wait to see it completely finished and hanging up.