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Monday, December 28, 2009

Another Visit to "Prairie Performance"

The opening day of the New Sherman Hospital, December 15th, was a work and school day for the younger members of my family. Yesterday we all met there so they could see "Prairie Performance" hung on the wall.
Each of them lived through the creation of it at the cottage this summer ... watching it grow from week to week. The grandkids measured it for me.
That's three and half kids wide. Another measuring was close to three "Mrs. Durands" wide.
This piece is installed on the wall at the end of this dining area that looks out on the geothermal lake.
We had lunch in front of it.
I'm glad to have had the dining experience in the presence of my art ... to see it in the way many visitors to the hospital will view it.

PS: The press conference at the end of the Grand Opening Day was televised by Fox in the Chicago area with "Prairie Performance" as the backdrop.


arlee said...


Hannele said...

Your artwork si absolutely gorgeous =)

Heather said...

How lovely to have a family gathering in front of your wonderful work of art Nellie. It certainly enhances it's new surroundings and is a piece so many people can relate to and enjoy. I like the Durand method of measuring!

paula said...

it is impossible to imagine what it must feel like to sit down and eat next to a huge public display that you made! how cool. beaming for you :)

Julie said...

Big smile from me too for your lovely experience :o))

Karen said...

I love how it measures up!!! Stunning work Nellie. Absolutly stunning!!

Elaine Adair said...

OH WOW, Nellie! I'm proud to say I 'know' you a teeny bit! What an impressive work, both the art pieces AND the family, and public acknowledgement!

Kay said...

Fun to see all of you in front of the work. That's a shot you can all treasure.

I see you got your blog background and header back. That's good too.