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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Other Artwork

Another major art installation at the New Sherman Hospital in Elgin, Illinois is a series of sculptures located on the floor just above "Prairie Performance" (which is installed on the Lake Level).
These fish are positioned on pedestals in a way that makes them appear to be swimming in the geothermal lake seen through the two-story windows.
They, too, are created from scraps ... scrap metal pieces and findings.

Oooops! I missed taking a close-up photo of the cat fish sculpture.
There's another wall at the end of the curved windows. It's at the other end of the dining area, opposite to the one on which "Prairie Performance" is hung. This major art piece is installed on that wall.
A sculpture made of two 14 foot canoes. They are constructed of paper and a bamboo-like wood.

I'm sorry I cannot provide the names or titles of these two major art pieces. Eventually, there will be brass plaques with titles and names of the artists placed near all the art. Also, there is a book being written about the art and artists of the commissioned work for the hospital.

I'll leave you with an oblique view of "Prairie Performance" taken by our son, Kemper. That center panel in the foreground is his favorite.
You can get a closer look by clicking on the photo to see those soft edges up close. The framing can even be spotted in one area. We tried looking for evidence of the hanging hardware, but it's well concealed.


Karen said...

I can see why Kemper likes that one,I love how the flower is popping out of the cloth! Not yet been to see it..soon soon!!!!

FredaB said...

Hi Nellie

Thanks for including the pictures of the fish and the canoes. The fish are wonderful but now you have me wondering where is the new hospital that it overlooks a lake. I know the Fox River runs between Hwys. 25 and 31 but can't picture a lake. When we go to Kane County flea market once or twice a year we take 90 to Randall Rd. then south. I would like to stop and see your work. We can find out where it is when we come home but was curious about the lake. Nellie are you from this area?



Debra said...

Those fish are really cool!

Heather said...

Kemper's photo of your work is stunning and I love the metal fish sculptures. Definitely worth going to hospital for!! Happy New Year.

DAMSS said...

Nellie, your artwork is fabulous.
Happy new year from Italy
Daniela e Marco

Antonija said...

Your Prairie Flowers installation is stunning. Your friend Linda Benson told us about it last night at the Milwaukee Art Quilter's Group meeting, so I had to look it up right away. My step-daughter lives in Elgin, so the next time we go to visit, I'll be sure to go see it. Well done!

Mermaid's Purse said...

Thankyou for photographing the fish - they're wonderful but your Prairie piece is absolutely stunning - you and your family must be very proud of it!