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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Valentines For Grandkids

Every year I make special valentines for our four grandkids.

(Two were already sealed in envelopes when I realized no photos had been taken.)

Each has featured photographs of them and me. Initially, the purpose was to use this holiday to be a presence as well as to remind them of our connection since we didn't see each other between Christmas and early summer.

The photography theme has become a tradition. This year the valentines took the form of a Squash Book filled with pictures taken throughout this past year. Here is Winston's.
I found the directions HERE on YouTube. Its construction is a clever and simple concept. Not until I made the first one did I realize that a Squash Book has been hanging in my studio for years. This one is die-cut and features quilt patterns on one side.
I also made the valentines for other family members and friends. One of those is destined to be my online valentine on V day.

Last year's valentines for the kids were in the form of flat snow globes. They can be seen here along with instructions for making them..


Heather said...

These are lovely Nellie and a great idea, especially when you don't see as much of each other as you would like.

dining room table said...

Thanks for sharing this nice and new idea. I can apply this at home for the coming Valentines.