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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Interpret This - November Reveal

It was a struggle for me to get started with this one.  This photo of a cottage in Sissinghurst, England. features an idyllic setting that is almost too perfect ... too idyllic ... too pretty.

After much study of the photo and a lot of pondering, I found it was  the patina of the aged wood that very much appealed to me.

Narrowing my focus to feature just the door let me get "into" composing a piece to meet the challenge... let me enjoy the journey of interpretation.

"Door of Yore" - 13" x 17"
fabric, tulle, oil stick pastels,
water color pencils, pastels,
and yarns

Go here to read the details of the process and techniques I used to create this piece ,,,, as well as see the results of the other members interpretations.  There will be 3 reveals on 3 days beginning with today.


Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous Nellie! I love the purple in the wood, the orange bricks, the trailing ivy, the texture throughout. A lot of love went into this piece. Just beautiful.

helena frontini said...

It's beautiful !!!! You'd put the hearth on it.

Heather said...

You've done it again Nellie - a perfect interpretation of that wonderful and picturesque old door.

Deb said...

What a delight!

paula said...


verobirdie said...

A great result, it is really lovely.

Lynnda said...

That was a hard one ! But weren't you tempted by that pitch fork ??
The irregular shapes of the slate path caught my eye. Good stuff !

Mermaid's Purse said...

Oh my this so captures the essence of Sissinghurst and you are so right in your description of the place. Our sewing machine dealership is a long drive (well long for us here lol) but it does take us through Sissinghurst (6 times in January)! It's beautifully executed!!!