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Sunday, March 27, 2011

More About the SMQ Guild Show

A slide show of all the quilts in the show is now posted on the guild's website.  Click here to see it.

I took photos from the slide show to fill in the gaps of the missing pictures for the special award winning quilts in my previous post.  So you may wish to reread that post.

The quilt that gets the viewer's choice award is determined at the end of the show when the votes are counted. "Morning Glory Madness" by Joann Webb, Grain Valley, Missouri is the winner.
Joann wrote this about her quilt in the show booklet, "The three dimensional floral Garden City Gateworks blocks led me to create my vision of an iron trellis with climbing morning glories in the setting.  It is appliqued and quilted by hand".


Kay said...

Thanks for the link, Nellie. I'd like to see some of these in person: yours and Linda Roy's in particular.

Ali Honey said...

Thanks for showing us all the fabulous quilts and the ribbons.
Congratulations on your win!

Heather said...

Stunning quilts Nellie and the viewers choice is a most worthy winner. The amount of work and skill that goes into each one is mind boggling.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

The talent at your show is outstanding. Thank you for sharing.