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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Lake #69

It's been a while since I've added to my series of 100 lake quilts.

Lake #69 - 19"x 14"

All the fabric pieces it's composed of came from the scrap bag on the right in this photo.
There are quite a few people who save their scraps for my "ortwork" quilts.  This bag is special in that it came to me through my friend, Tone Haugen-Cogburn.  These scraps are from her student's projects made in the workshop she recently taught at the John C. Campbell Folk Art School in North Carolina.  Collecting them for me was initiated by Julie who reads this blog.  To see the projects from which these scraps came, as well as photos of the school grounds, go to Julies photo album.

The two boxes on the left in the above photo have scraps separated out from the bag for two projects.  The bottom one is for an upcoming project that needs larger pieces, while the top one has the size and color of scraps to make lake pieces.  Here's the state of this lake piece midway through the process. Yarn and wool roving are added to the scraps to give definition to the clouds and crests on the waves.
It was made as a house present for friends who used to live near Lake Michigan.  We spent the night with them in Hendersonville, North Carolina on our way to South Carolina.
That spot isn't where it's going to "live".  We took down an art piece so I could show her how to hang "Lake #69".

We stopped in Asheville to visit our favorite galleries, New Morning and the Blue Spiral ... and yes, we bought something, but it's still in its wrapping so there's no photo.  But I do have a picture of a car we saw in traffic on the way from one gallery to the other.
There was a stoplight, so I got to speak to the driver.  She had "beaded" it herself.  What a hoot!


June Calender said...

OMG, what a wonderful car! I'm having a flashback to the '60s but this one has a 21st century sophistication.

Also love your lake picture, the fringy edges at the top particularly caught my eye.

Heather said...

Your lake picture looks stunning Nellie. It is hard to believe it came from a bag of scraps, but then you are a true fibre and fabric artist. I love that car - it's amazing.

Lin Moon said...

Wow - thanks for showing your lake piece mid-stream - it looks sooo different before you finish it with all the stitching, but it's great to see! It's just beautiful!

Connie said...

I love love love your lake quilt. So pretty! The car is a trip. I love to see unexpected things like that.

Christine said...

Tout simplement magnifique, j'aime beaucoup,

Quiltdivajulie said...

Thanks for the mention ~ but it really was Tone who asked us to save our scraps for "a friend" and she then described the way you use the scraps. A light bulb went off in my head as I realized she was describing your lake quilts . . . the "small world" thing never ceases to amaze me.

Your lake pieces are fabulous! And I love watching your blog.

Thanks again!