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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Paperdolls at the Royal Wedding

We were at an annual 3-day gathering with a bunch of friends during the time of the royal wedding.
Before going Lee and I had the idea of making paper dolls with our friend's faces.
Each friend was presented their paper doll wrapped with an invitation to the wedding.
The day before the wedding we had fun dressing our "mini-me's" for the big event.  We ladies created outfits from the colored papers and fancy trims that I had brought for this project.
The guys got to choose from different outfits that I had printed from a paper doll book featuring Chuck and Di's wedding.  In fact, all our doll's bodies are theirs, as well.  You can see that book on the corner of table next to Lee who is gluing metallic trim to the braids on his uniform.
These paper dolls were featured as the center piece for the table.  Here's the first night's table decor.
One of the ladies celebrated her birthday the next day.  The bouquet of roses from her husband was perfect for us to gather around in our finery.  That couple had the honor of standing next to Prince Philip and the Queen.
The last day I lined all the dolls up for a group shot.
In reality, we ladies donned hats the day of the wedding.
I had worn the pink feathered one during the very early morning ceremony.  Lee wore his best Elvis necktie with his night clothes.
Later in the day we dressed more appropriately.
Well, I did anyway.
The frivolity of our tongue-in-cheek play with the royal wedding was a welcome distraction from the devastating weather raging through the south.  All of us had personal connections and worry for what was going on "back home" and to people we cared about who lived close to where those tornadoes touched down.

Lee and I came home to find many of our trees nearly stripped of their leaves, those leaves piled several inches deep all over the ground, marble sized dings in our newly painted siding and Volkswagen, broken outside light fixtures, and screens full of holes.  Thank goodness we were spared broken windows, downed trees ... and tornado touchdowns.


Heather said...

What a fun idea Nellie, and I think the hats you wore were better than some of the ones at the Royal Wedding! It was a wonderful occasion and the crowds in London were stupendous. On a more serious note, my heart goes out to all those so badly affected by the dreadful tornadoes. The power of nature can be truly terrible at times.

Sue Spurlock said...

Sorry to hear about your arrival home after those horrible storms...however, your trip was a hoot! The pic of the whole group of dolls in their finery was great!

FredaB said...

What a fantastic idea. Must remember this for future but you have to have the right group that will play along. Your friends obviously were "the right group".

Then I read further down and read about your damage. Thank goodness no tornado touched your home but the other damage is no less terrible. When we read or see on TV what has happened it makes you just sick.

We leave Florida for home in Chicago next weekend but I have already told the man that there is no way I am leaving if there is any bad weather. We go up thru Georgia, Tenn. Kentucky, Indiana and over to Chicago. Hope for good weather.



Beverly said...

I'm sorry you came home to some damage- but glad it was relatively minor, in the whole scheme of things. I have followed the TV coverage of the damage, and it looks like a war zone in some places. I simply cannot imagine what it is like for the people there.

Glad you are ok, and had fun with the wedding.

June Calender said...

Lots of sweet and some nasty bitter -- The weekend's paper doll fun was delightful to read about, and the pictures were perfect.

McIrish Annie said...

I love your royal wedding party. You have a great group of friends!

sorry about the damage to your house. hope everything is back to normal soon

Kay said...

This looks like such fun!

It's terrible about the hail damage, but everything is relative, isn't it? We had terrible winds last summer, several times, and I'm dreading the warm weather.

Plays with Needles said...

Absolutely WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole day was inspired! And the paper dolls are just as fabulous as the real dolls!