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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Think Pink

Once upon a time pink was not one of my favored colors.  That is until I thoroughly explored its many shades, tints, and hues during my years of intensive color studies.  Since then, I've grown quite fond of it and have been thinking pink for several recent projects.

Nellie's Purse #5

I fell in love with that shiny pink background fabric.  There's a lot of strength to it and is the perfect foil to this classic evening bag made with neutral brocade and velvet fabrics trimmed with jet beads and button. 

While I'm on the subject of this purse project, here's Alicia's purse #5.  Go here to see the previous four each of us have created.

All these shades of pink in this bird appeal to me. You may recall seeing
 How do you feel about pink?

PS: Arrgh! Blogger has made a mess of this post.  Seventeen hours after it was posted I noticed that all I had written was not published.  Now Blogger won't allow me to format it the way I like it.  I hope Blogger's new and improved format changes are worth the effort.  I was happy with the way it was.


Heather said...

More lovely purses and I love that edging Nellie. I also love your exotic and quirky birds.

Christine said...

j'adore les oiseaux, y-a-t-il un modèle pour les faire ? vraiment très joli, bon WE,

paula said...

there is pink and there is pink...ya know? i'm thinking these are good ones. :)

June Calender said...

Those purse quilts are all so cool! What imagination -- and what painstaking beading! If I weren't somewhat lazy I'd be inspired to do some too.

And the birds are just wonderful!

Noga said...

Your birds are charming!!!

McIrish Annie said...

I love the latest purse~ I am a purse-o-holic and this type of project would keep me happy and out of purse debt!! LOL

Team Dale said...

Your birds are always a favorite of mine!

Colleen Kole said...

Your purses are beautiful! I picked out some pink fabric yesterday to see if i could work it in noticing the huge lot of link on my stash shelf...none as pretty as this silk though.

The birds are great too. Back to work already, aren't you?