Nellie"s Needles

Monday, June 06, 2011

Second Purse Added

Back when I was thinking pink, this purse was created.

It is "displayed" in the big quilt with the "FrOOtlOOp" shoe.
The making of this shoe can be read here.

That purse would also go with the "Pretty in Pink" shoe ...

the "Vegging Out" shoe ...

as well as the "Vamp" shoe.

The red lettered words are links that will take you to the posts written about the making of each of those shoe blocks.


Heather said...

I thought the shoes were complete in themselves, but seeing a purse alongside each one really sets them off.

Joyce said...

Love that purse. I want a real one like that. And maybe a few pairs of those shoes as well.

Sue Spurlock said...

I'm loving these...not only do they make me feel like I'm seven and dreaming about "dress up" shoes and purses, I want a POSTER !!