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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Third Step for SoupCon Quilt Along

Last Friday Karen of Faeries and Fibers gave those of us who are participating in her SoupCon quilt along project a third step for our hexagon block. I was thrilled that it involved appliqueing a ring around our focal point hexagon shape, because that is what my piece had already dictated to me. I've gotten the bits and pieces appliqued into the pattern I want. My next step is to add embroidery ... most likely a lot of buttonhole stitches to echo the printed spiky pattern around each shape.

This is what Karen posted with instructions for how to get our pieces to this point.
I have no idea if what I've done to my piece will accommodate Karen's next three sets of instruction. Sooooo ... using one of the seven more hexagons that I made in step one of this project, I've started another quilt.
I had printed images of each block so I could play with ways to extend the fabric pattern beyond the block into the background. I used crayons because the colors stood out on the printed paper.
The next step was to applique the hexagon to a background fabric. I liked this black speckled with colors. Then the fun of doing the embroidery began ...
The leaves on the points are really more green than the gold in this photo.

Then I was ready to frame it with an appliqued ring and another background fabric.
I can hardly wait for the next step of instructions a week from this next Friday. In the meantime, I'll be doing a lot of embroidery on the frame around my hexagon star center piece ... as well as making valentines.

PS: It's not too late to join in on this fun project. Go to Karen's blog for instruction. The first installment is posted here.


Heather said...

The first block is quite dramatic with it's more sombre colours. The others are almost kaleidoscopic - great designs and patterns, and each one is fascinating.

Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

They are all beautiful. I am so curious as to where this is going.

Dolores said...

You really are going gung-ho on this. I love the first one and how you just made it your own. Totally awesome.

Karen H said...

I am totally in love with what you are doing with your block. It is exciting and elegant! The embellishment is exquisite!

Dorothy Matheson said...

Both of your treatments of this project are just incredible. I really like them.

Karen Christensen said...

Love watching this unfold! And TWO quilts!!! That first block on the post is my favorite, all those glorious curves!