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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Junkyard Dawg

This was a fun piece I never intended to make.

Junkyard Dawg - 36"x36"- 2004
It was made to meet our guild's challenge for the AQS Ultimate Guild Challenge in Nashville. The set requirements were the 36"x36" dimension and the key word for the theme was "yard". I had thought I was too busy to enter this contest and didn't begin it until the week before it was due.

I dumped a bag of scraps out on my work table and built the scrap piles over a sky and ground background. Elvis is hiding back there. All those bits and pieces are trapped under tulle netting by the machine quilting with clear smoke thread.
Then I composed the "dawg", his chain, and dish on top of the quilted background. He is made from one of my paint clean-up rag ... one of the dreary, muddy looking ones was perfect. There is shading done with oil stick pastels to accentuate areas ... especially his tongue. Another layer of tulle netting was laid over these elements. The excess was trimmed away after the quilting with a heavy dark thread was finished. That same thread is knotted as whiskers to his muzzle. Brass bones embellish the bottom edge.

It was gifted to my nephew and his bride as a wedding present. This was more appropriate than my usual gift of a hand-quilted bed quilt to my nieces and nephews. Two very large dogs were the focus of their lives up until a baby boy recently arrived.

This quilt plus seven others was awarded 2nd Place by AQS. It also received a 3rd Place ribbon in the Smoky Mountain Quilt Show at the 2004 Dogwood Arts Festival.

Special Note: Paula at Self-taught Artist has a call out for photos of studios. She's already posted pictures of several artists studios, including Lisa Call's and mine.

Also, I'm requesting my nephew to send me a digital photo close-up of Elvis in the scrapyard. I cannot find him in these digital copies of regular photos.

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Elaine Adair said...

I love hearing about HOW you do one of your creations! It sounds all so natural to create your way. LOVE that DAWG - wonderful project!

Helen said...

Nellie, what a fun way to work. Deadlines are wonderful things I find. I am much more likely to finish something if a deadline is looming than if it is open ended. I LOVE this quilt!

Felicia said...

He's fantastic! I'm looking around for Elvis but haven't spotted him yet. ;)

Carol said...

I loooooove that DAWG. Wonderful simply wonderful. Thank you for bringing a much needed smile to my face this morning.

joyce said...

I totally love the Dawg. I hope he never finds my chickens or they are gonners!

jenclair said...

This one is a real charmer. Love knowing that Elvis is in the background!

arlee said...

oh my goodness--what a surprise! Love that sloppy happy ol' tongue! Perfect face, perfect dawg!

Self Taught Artist said...

Your blog is like the 4th of July. I find myself oooohing and aaahing...always something to blow my mind. How fun is this? VERY.
can't wait to see the KING.
thanks for posting that I'm looking for more studios to put on my blog, its fun to see them altogether, anyone is welcome!

meggie said...

Dawg is just wonderful.
What an interesting technique.

kay susan said...

Fabulous, and so is your blog!

teodo said...

It seems that he is looking at us in the eyes.
I think that your nephew is happy for your gift!
ciao ciao

Nadia said...

Too much likeable your dog!! and yours blog it is one of beautifulst, compliments! Now I have made a blog, you come to find some time to me!

lappemor said...

Oh I just love that quilt, such a fun piece (but I can't believe you put Elvis in the junkyard...LOL) The dog is just so full of personality!

Maureen said...

I adore your dawg and his story!
Beats me how you can produce such masterpieces from paint rags!
Let's know if Elvis ever surfaces won't you!


Susan C. said...

He's just wonderful. The background is great too.